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"It doesn't get any better than this - the best dancers in the world supported by the best orchestra in the world. Wow!"

"...it's the most incredible sound I've ever heard"

Marcus Hilton MBE

"...quite simply, this is the finest orchestra in the world today".

Peter Maxwell

"The music is phenomenal. It's by far the best orchestra I've heard in all the years I have been coming to Blackpool."

Kenny Welsh






empress orchestra EMPRESSBALLROOM


"Hugely talented"

"The Empress Orchestra contains some of Britain's finest young players"

"Ashley Frohlick's clever arrangements...satisfy both dancers and listeners"

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“…The dancing is wonderful though I must confess, I actually stopped watching to listen to the orchestra instead.”

“…What a fantastic competition and what absolutely sublime, brilliant music from Ashley Frohlick and the Empress Orchestra.”

“…It doesn’t get any better than this, the best dancers in the world supported by the best orchestra in the world. Wow!”

“…It’s the most incredible sound I’ve ever heard.”




“Absolutely fabulous music Ashley.”

(The extract below is from the Review of Star Championships 2010 – Professional Latin)

The BDF Star Ball then, 2010 style was set to continue to elevate the level of organization, upping the ante by employing the services of the Empress Orchestra under the stewardship of Ashley Frohlick and what a superb decision this proved to be. Transplanted from the beautiful and world famous Empress Ballroom to the South, and indeed amidst blizzard conditions and a total whiteout of Southern England, one could have forgiven a slight drop in standards, a lowering of the benchmark, to be human after all in such extreme circumstances. Not at all! The music from the Orchestra was absolutely sublime. Under the guidance of President Kenny Welsh, MC's David Sycamore and Graham Oswick, the music thrilled us incessantly joining with the blood dancing through our veins and warmed the hearts of the brave hearts who made it to the venue despite the extreme challenges of nature.



Peter Maxwell

“…The orchestra under the leadership of Ashley Frohlick continues to go from strength to strength and I can’t express enough the importance of this orchestra to the Blackpool Dance Festivals…”

“…Great dancing can only come from great music and the music has been truly inspirational…”

“…A huge debt of gratitude should go to Ashley Frohlick, he has transformed the music for this event immeasurably…”

“…Quite simply, this is the finest orchestra in the world today.”



Kenny Welsh

“…The music is phenomenal. It’s by far the best orchestra I’ve heard in all the years I’ve been coming to Blackpool.”


Karen Hardy

“Fabulous orchestra Ashley, I’m absolutely loving your music.”


Richard Gleave

“…Marvelous, marvelous music from a truly wonderful orchestra.”

"We are delighted that Ashley Frohlick and the Blackpool Empress Orchestra will provide the best live music in the World for the Freedom to Dance competitions."



Carmen Vincelj

“It’s great to meet you finally. Your new music is absolutely wonderful; we can’t wait to work with you and the Orchestra.”


Karen Hilton MBE

“Unbelievable music once again Ashley, I love your new samba, but my favourite is still ‘Samba de la Torre’, but then again there’s ‘Always & Forever’ and ‘La Mariposa’, oh they are all wonderful… Well done!”



( In an interview with dancesport.info )
Talking about Blackpool we hear so many people say they do not like the Latin Music at Blackpool. How do you feel about it?

Michal: “Love it!”
Joanna: “Yes, I love it.”



"Incredible music Ashley, it's absolutely wonderful to listen to and a huge lift for the dancers - and I love your new tunes."



“Thank you Ashley! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! Not only for your words but especially for your fantastic & unique music! We love it! Bless you, too”



"...Hi Ashley, I wanted to congratulate you on the music you perform, it is quite unique and you play it incredibly well. There is nothing like it anywhere else in the world; it is wonderful to dance to and one of the main reasons why Blackpool is such a huge event."



“Thank you so much, it was really nice to meet you. I have to say the sound of the orchestra was absolutely amazing and to be so close blew me away. It really is the best dance music in the World.”


Mark Lunn

“Absolutely love your new album Ashley… There isn’t a weak track on there. The rumbas, sambas, well I can’t describe, and ‘The Boy’ it’s phenomenal, it makes me want to dance; it just keeps lifting and lifting and lifting… It’s the best cha cha you play.”



"Inspirational music this weekend… The best gets better."



“I am a great fan of the music in Blackpool. Thank you for so many beautiful moments you have created for us dancers with your music!”



“Your Music is Great!”


(Review of Star Championships 2010 - Professional Ballroom)

I would like to congratulate the BDF for their hard work in putting on such a fabulous event in a wonderful venue which is only enhanced by the fabulous music of Ashley Frohlick who never fails to please and makes everyone want to dance. The competitors are very lucky nowadays to have such an opportunity to dance to live music.




“The Empress Orchestra and its special sound have always been synonymous with the famous Blackpool Dance Festivals.  Since Ashley Frohlick took over the helm, the orchestra has had a new lease of life with new direction and fantastic new arrangements.  I constantly have students telling me how much they love the ‘new’ sound of the orchestra and how inspiring they are to dance to.  I can only say how jealous I am of today’s dancers that Ashley and his team weren’t around during my competition time!!”

“Hi there Ashley, Just wanted to congratulate you and the guys for the fabulous music you played all week for the dancers. It was really inspiring. I only wish I had the chance to dance to it myself!  Congratulations and thanks. Graham Oswick”



LINDSEY HILLIER-TATE(Reporting on the BDF Star Championships 2009)

“…I could not finish this report without mentioning the wonderful music of Ashley Frohlick and the Empress Orchestra. They lifted the event into another dimension. We were all treated to some new arrangements in the ballroom and the latin styles, which were hugely appreciated by the competitors and spectators alike.

Competitors, those of you that did not attend, missed a wonderful competition. Super quality location, easy safe parking, great prize money, well organised by the BDF team, top class judges, a ballroom and Latin expert panel (all former champions, knowledgeable about our business). Fantastic orchestra….What more do you want!!

See you next year”.



THE DANCING CHANNELS(Reporting on the Blackpool Dance Festival 2008)

“For those of you lucky enough to have been there you will have witnessed what was probably the most exciting festival for many years, lots of new champions, excellent dancing throughout and the unbelievable music of Ashley Frohlick and the Empress Orchestra…”



LUCA and LORAINE BARICCHI (Writing for Dancebeat World)

“…Tonight The Empress Orchestra under the musical director Mr. Ashley Frohlick had an amazing sound. He had new musical arrangements, the audience, the couples along with the judges were totally absorbed. Congratulations to Mr. Ashley Frohlick and his musicians for a truly superb and true sound that stimulated the audience and the dancers.”



Dancebeat World logo(Writing for Dancebeat World)

“Now to the music, my first memories are of the very famous Charles Barlow and his Orchestra. There have been many Musical Directors since those days and today it is the Empress Orchestra under the direction of Ashley Frohlick. Whilst there may have been many changes in personnel within the orchestra over the years the quality of the music has not wavered. I know I sat tapping my feet almost all the time they were playing trying to concentrate on the dancing at the same time. Not too sure if the people sitting near me enjoyed my rhythmic interpretations as the days and night progressed, but I sure as hell did love the music played for the duration of the festival.”



“Ashley led his orchestra with all the flair, charm and finesse of the band leaders from days gone by. The music reverberated around the Hall and set it alight with its captivatingly rich tones. Trumpets, saxophones, trombones, drums, percussion...This was the first time that MDE has brought a live orchestra to one of their events... and what a night it proved to be. The world renowned Empress Orchestra, led by musical director Ashley Frohlick, entertained our guests to a night they will never forget.”




"Hi Ashley. I am sure you realise by now that I absolutely love the “Big Band Sound” and eagerly awaited the arrival of your new album. What a blast !!!! Superb in every way, and a member of your orchestra (can not remember his name) commented on the sound of the recording as I played during the practice sessions. He said he was amazed that the quality of the recording was so good. So there you go….congratulations on producing such a stunning album! I concede that one cannot beat the LIVE sound of a band, but the recording was very close… Thank you for that. My very best wishes to you, and hope to see you in November for the Nationals and Worlds. Best regards Greg"




“Blackpool's Tower Ballroom played host to a veritable galaxy of stars, as a sell-out crowd enjoyed a show-stopping performance from Howard Wing, Shirley Bassey, and the legendary Ashley Frohlick…”

“…Of course, that's to say nothing of Ashley Frohlick and his band the Empress Dance Band, whose lush musical backdrop brought real big band splendor to the evening. Ashley is no stranger to the swing scene, having played with Frank Sinatra's band – a real pedigree if ever there was one!”




“…Absolutely stunning music Ashley it’s been a pleasure to listen to, what a cracking orchestra!”



“…This is music at its most sublime… Dancers, if you can’t dance to this, then you can’t dance at all.”