"It doesn't get any better than this - the best dancers in the world supported by the best orchestra in the world. Wow!"

"...it's the most incredible sound I've ever heard"

Marcus Hilton MBE

"...quite simply, this is the finest orchestra in the world today".

Peter Maxwell

"The music is phenomenal. It's by far the best orchestra I've heard in all the years I have been coming to Blackpool."

Kenny Welsh




Empress dance Band CD Hushabye Outcast

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"With You in Mind" is the second CD to be released by the Empress Orchestra. Twelve of the eighteen tracks are original compositions unique to the Empress Orchestra and can only be heard on this album. It is a wonderful balance of music for both Ballroom and Latin and is already proving to be a huge hit within the "Ballroom Dancing Community".


Split into two albums for sale on iTunes & Google Play (from 26 May 2016).

All the Latin tracks are on the album "Death by Samba"

All the Ballroom tracks on "With You in Mind"

Click here for a full list of tracks.

Hard copies of the CD are only available at events where the Empress Orchestra performs live.


The album, ‘Always & Forever’ was the first CD to be released by the Empress Orchestra. A unique album filled with new and exciting music to inspire the world’s finest, it represents a refreshing change from the endless compilation albums on the market today.

Exclusively distributed by DSI, with a wonderful forward from Marcus & Karen Hilton MBE, ‘Always & Forever’ captures the very best of ballroom on one CD.

Click HERE to buy from the DSI web site

Our first album, 'Hushabye Outcast' featuring the Empress Dance Band, is also available for purchase. Click the cover pic opposite to read the full track list.

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